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4 Tips for Driving Safely in Extreme Heat

Driving in the hot summer sun can be enjoyable when you let the top down and find just the right road. There are amazing landscapes across Arizona that you should see, but you must understand how to drive safely in this part of the country. At Thunderbird Auto, we have four simple tips that will help you remain safe on hot roads.

#1: Take the Highway

We all watch movies — you can run into trouble when you go off the beaten path. Unless you are an experienced survivalist, you should not, under any circumstances, be driving on remote roads. You should take the highway if at all possible or stick to major surface streets. You are protecting yourself, shortening your journey, and avoiding breakdowns by taking the most direct route.

#2:  Keep the AC On

Yes, leaving your AC on will burn a little more gas than normal, but you simply cannot drive safely if you’re suffering in the car, sweating, and practically unable to think. Accidents happen when you rush to your final destination, doing anything to get out of the heat. If the AC doesn’t work, come to Thunderbird Auto for a repair immediately. 

You simply cannot drive a car with no AC in Phoenix.

#3: Slow Down

Aside from the fact that an extremely hot road can be slippery, your tires are more likely to overheat on hot roads. Slow down so that you do not create even more friction, making it more likely that you could experience a blowout. 

At the same time, make sure your tires are inflated properly so that they do not make even more contact with the road — wearing them down that much faster.

#4: Wear Sunglasses and a Hat

Not only do you look cool in your sunglasses and hat, but you keep the sun out of your face. Your only other option is to get a sunburn, have little to no visibility, and increase the risk of a crash. Keep sunglasses and a hat in your car at all times for safety’s sake.

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