Why Do My Car Brakes Make Noise?

Car Brakes with Thunderbird Automotive

What’s that squeaking sound? Did you hear that rattle? Am I the only one hearing the grinding noise? When your car brakes start making noise, it’s hard to keep calm. However, there are a number of things that can contribute to brakes making strange sounds, and not all of them require major repairs. Why are your car brakes making noise? Brakes 101 Brakes have one of the hardest jobs in your car or truck, as they regularly undergo a great deal of force and generate a lot of heat as a result. Whenever you press down on your brake pedal, the energy that your car created moving down the road is converted to heat through friction. Stopping on a highway or even stopping on a residential street can make your brakes surprisingly hot! The abuse that your brakes take every time you slow down means that a certain amount of noise is reasonable, but some sounds are never good to hear. Grinding A grinding sound when you use your car brakes is a sign of a serious problem, and you should take your car in right away. A loud grinding noise could be caused by the rotor disc making direct contact with the calipers. This can happen due to a lot of wear on the rotors or the brake pads. If the sound only occurs when actively braking, this could be the problem. A grinding noise can also occur if a small stone or foreign object is lodged in the caliper. Car brakes with a stone stuck in the calipers will typically make a constant screeching or grinding sound whenever the vehicle moves. In both cases, you should take your car in to have the problem fixed instead of troubleshooting it yourself. Rattling Car brakes that rattle are not always […]

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