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Filter Changes

Filter Changes in Phoenix, AZ

In the same way that kidneys filter blood, the various filters in your vehicle clean air and vehicle fluids. The cleaner your vehicle’s fluids are, the better they will perform. The cleaner your vehicle’s air is, the more pleasant your drive. If you’re located in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, or Surprise, please feel free to visit Thunderbird Auto for a filter change.

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Why Are Filters Important?

Though your air and fluid filters are easy to overlook, they’re an important part of keeping your vehicle in good working order. In your vehicle, there are three types of filter that you should keep an eye on: air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters.

Quality Air Filters

There are two major air filters in your car — the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. The engine air filter is responsible for cleaning the air on its way to your engine. Though your engine is strong, dust particles and other impurities can harm your engine when they’re allowed to pass through. 

cabin air filter

On the other hand, the cabin air filter is responsible for keeping the air in the cabin clean and safe to breathe. Keep in mind that if you smoke in your car or transport pets, you may need to change your cabin air filter more often.

Durable Oil Filters

As important as oil is to your car, it’s even more important to keep it clean. Your oil filter prevents impurities from passing through the system. Watch out for engine overheating, filthy exhaust fumes, low oil pressure, grinding sounds, and poor engine performance. The problem might be your oil filter.

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Reliable Fuel Filters

Whether your vehicle runs on unleaded or diesel fuel, the fuel filter will keep your engine going. If your fuel filter malfunctions or fails, you might notice engine misfires, a lack of power, and stall-outs in low gear or while driving uphill. When your fuel filter is clogged and dirty, your engine might not have enough fuel to function properly. Have the filter replaced regularly to avoid unnecessary problems. 

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Reliable Filter Change Services

At Thunderbird Auto, we offer reliable filter changes to prolong the life of your car and improve performance. Call us or contact us online to schedule an appointment or ask questions about your oil filter, air filters, or fuel filter. 

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