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Brake System Repairs

Reliable Brake System Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Our professional repair technicians at Thunderbird Auto offer reliable and affordable brake system repair services to drivers every day. Don’t ignore the signs of brake system trouble. Serving Phoenix, Surprise, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe, we are happy to handle any brake issue.

How Do I Know When My Brakes Need Replacing?

We often see the common symptoms of brake issues when customers visit the shop. Driving with these problems can cause even more damage to your vehicle.

We recommend you visit us if:
brake testing

Drivers often get a sense that something is wrong with their brakes without noticing these symptoms. If you ever feel something is off, we prefer you come in for a diagnostic and inspection. 

How Are Brake Problems Diagnosed?

We use comprehensive diagnostic devices to check all the error codes in your vehicle. Plus we visually inspect every part of the brake system from the rotors to the pads, shoes, calipers, and bearings.

We can show you the source of the problem, and we also offer advice to help you avoid these problems in the future. Many times, changing your driving style can extend the life of your brakes. Plus, routine maintenance helps preserve your brake system.

Affordable Brake System Repairs

We offer a free estimate for every brake repair, and you can review that estimate before the work begins.

We make every effort to ensure our brake repairs are as affordable as possible, including these options:
tire inspection

Keep in mind that we choose the most economical option, but there will be a time when we cannot resurface your rotors because they have worn down too much. Replacing the calipers may be safer than a “band-aid” repair, and certain hoses should be replaced instead of using a less expensive patch. 

We service and repair disc brakes, drum brakes, anti-lock brakes, and traditional brakes in older cars. 

Quick and Complete Brake Systems Repairs

At Thunderbird Auto, we offer quick and complete brake system repairs for all our customers. Feel free to call or contact us online if you experience trouble with your brake system. Financing is available, and we offer second opinions on pricey estimates from other mechanics. This is a serious safety issue — allow us to fix the problem today.

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