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What Car Noises Can Mean

Have you been hearing noises coming from somewhere in your vehicle? Whether it’s a clunking, thumping, chirping, clicking, or any other kind of sound, it can be pretty anxiety-inducing when your vehicle starts making noises it’s not supposed to. It can be pretty enticing to just ignore the sound and hope everything is ok, but smart drivers know it’s a good idea to have their vehicle looked at by a professional when it starts making bad sounds. At Thunderbird Automotive Specialists, we’ve heard practically every sound a vehicle can make, and are able to pinpoint most sounds. We wanted to go over some of the sounds we hear the most often.

Screeching from Under the Hood

A screeching sound coming from under the hood usually indicates a loose or worn serpentine belt. This belt drives a number of important parts in your vehicle, including the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, and radiator fan. If the belt gives out, you won’t be able to start your vehicle, so if you’re hearing a screeching noise under your hood, be sure to bring it by a shop and have your serpentine belt replaced.

Loud Rattling or Chugging Noises

Have you been hearing a chugging or a rattling noise coming from the outside of your vehicle while driving it? The culprit is likely your exhaust system. Malfunctioning or damaged exhaust systems can make a whole host of sounds, and each one could mean something different. Chugging sounds could indicate a blockage somewhere in the system, rattling sounds could mean there is a misalignment, and hissing sounds could mean there’s a crack or a hole. Any professional auto maintenance technician should be able to repair or replace your exhaust system.

Squealing or Grinding from the Brakes

If you’re hearing a loud high pitched squealing or grinding noise when you apply your brakes, your brake pads are worn, and that sound is coming from the direct metal on metal contact of your brakes and wheels. You definitely want to have your brake pads replaced ASAP if you’re hearing these sounds, as directly applying your brakes can do a lot of damage to both the wheel well, and the brakes themselves.

Have Your Vehicle Looked at By a Phoenix, AZ Automotive Specialist

No matter the noise your vehicle is making, it’s always a smart move to bring it in sooner rather than later. If your vehicle is making a noise it shouldn’t be, that means something isn’t functioning properly. Continuing to operate a vehicle with a malfunctioning part could lead to even more parts failing, and frankly, it just isn’t safe. If you’re handy with tools, you may be able to solve some easier issues yourself like a misplaced belt or a bad spark plug, but if not, you need to get some help from a professional with experience.

At Thunderbird Automotive Specialists, we’ve been providing Phoenix and its good people with our automotive repair and maintenance services for years, and we hope to do so for many more years to come! Bring your car, truck, or any vehicle by our shop in Phoenix, and let us help you. Give us a call at (866-447-0803) or contact us through our site, to schedule an appointment today.

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