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Since 1976, Thunderbird Automotive Specialists has been the preferred family owned and operated automotive repair service for motorists throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Our repair services include general repair and maintenance services, undercar services, brake services, tires, engine and transmission services and more. We offer outstanding customer service combined with high-quality repair services at competitive rates so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. When we say that we’re a family-owned team of specialists, we aren’t exaggerating! Our auto mechanics are highly trained and have decades of experience working on both domestic and imported vehicles of all makes and models. We will work with you to find the right repair and maintenance solution for you, your car and your budget. 

Meet Our Team
Excellent Customer Service

Why is this listed first? Because we put providing excellent customer service above everything else that we do. We are proud of our honesty, integrity and commitment to meeting the needs of a diverse Phoenix customer base. 

To help us help you, you should always keep a log of past repairs and service and follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules. When taking your car in, you should pay attention to:

  • Unusual sounds, odors, drips, leaks, smoke, warning lights, gauge readings.
  • Changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels.
  • Worn tires, belts, hoses.
  • Problems in handling, braking, steering, vibrations.
  • Note when the problem occurs: Is it constant or periodic? When the vehicle is cold or after the engine has warmed up? At all speeds? Only under acceleration? During braking? When shifting? When did the problem first start?

Tires are the single most important safety feature on your car. Worn tires, as a result, are a huge hazard on the road. The length of time that your tires last is influenced by a wide variety of things, including car type, tire type, driving patterns and road conditions. By maintaining your tires and driving properly, you can extend the life of your tires a great deal.

Our family owned and operated auto repair and maintenance specialists know how much tires matter, so we only recommend brand name tires. We can help you to choose the right tires for your driving style, vehicle and budget. 

More Services

General Services
  • Domestic General Repair 
  • Engine diagnostics, engine repairs, alignment, brake work, front end and rear end diagnostics, electronic service and repair 
  • Fleet Maintenance and Repair 
  • Import General Repair 
  • Off-Road Vehicle Repairs
  • Oil, Lube and Filter Services
Engine & Transmission
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Engine Replacement
  • Timing Belt
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Clutches
  • Four-Wheel Drive Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
Undercar Services
  • Alignment
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Chassis
  • Exhaust
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Driveline
  • Tires
  • Shocks
  • Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement
  • Resurface Rotors
  • Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Hoses
  • Brake Fluid Flushes
  • Anti-Lock Brake System
Engine Maintenance
  • Fuel Injection
  • Ignition
  • Ignition Wires & Cables
  • Spark Plugs
Heating & Cooling Services
  • Belts
  • Radiators
  • Air Conditioning
Electronic Services
  • Computer
  • Diagnostics
  • Drivability
  • Engine Controls
Electrical Services
  • Batteries
  • Starters
  • Towing to Our Shop

“I do almost all my own maintenance, but didn’t feel like dealing with a fuel pump. I took my vehicle in off of a recommendation. From the first impression until I drove away, I was pleased with the honesty and integrity of all of the employees. I know there are other things that need to be done, but never once did I feel pressured into having more work done. I was advised of the things needed and I requested a quote. I will be returning with my vehicle to have the recommended work done and more. I highly recommend giving these guys an opportunity to earn your business as they have mine.”

-Michael B.

“Awesome family business. They are as honest as they are nice. We have 3 older vehicles, and they keep them all running. They work with you to prioritize the most important repairs so you can manage your budget. Rates much lower than I was paying at the dealer. Ask for John – he is the best!”

-Karen E.

“I became a lifetime customer of Thunderbird Automotive Specialists a few years ago. My car started acting really strange. I was near the shop, so I limped it in. After checking out my car, they told me “Toyota has a recall for this problem. You can take it to a Toyota dealership and get it fixed for free.” I did, and they did. I was blown away by their honesty and integrity. They now do all my regular maintenance. John and his team treat me like family. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Beth K.

“This place is amazing. John is wonderful and made a very stressful situation a lot easier. Not to mention I was expecting to have to come back for the actual work, but they had it done in less than a couple hours!”

-Cathy S.

“Really honest people that will take care of car troubles.”

-Jason R.

“I’ve been bringing my cars to T Bird auto for about 12 years now. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The cost is reasonable, compared to Dealerships, and the work is done very professionally. Tom and his staff are very nice. I’ve referred some of my friends, and they thanked me for sending them there.”

-Edward B.

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