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Brake Services

Brake Service in Phoenix, AZ

Bringing your car to a smooth and safe stop is essential for every driver. Making sure your brakes are in good working order improves the safety and overall performance of the vehicle. If you can’t remember when you last had a brake service, visit Thunderbird Auto  for assistance. Whether you live in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Surprise, and Glendale, we can keep your brakes in good condition and repair any problems we uncover.

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Signs You Need Brake Maintenance

We recommend having your brakes serviced around every 15,000 miles. However, there are times when you might notice problems.

Visit us if you experience any of these issues:
automobile maintenance

Visit us at Thunderbird Auto as soon as possible before your brake problem gets worse or the brakes stop working altogether.

What Does a Full Brake Job Consist Of?

When you visit us for a brake service, we use advanced diagnostic equipment and inspect the brake system to diagnose any lingering issues.

Generally, a complete brake service at Thunderbird Auto includes:
brake system repair

Brake Services You Can Trust

When you visit Thunderbird Auto, you’ll be treated with first-class customer care during every service. We take pride in our customer service with a welcoming waiting room and top-notch follow-ups to make sure everything went smoothly. Allow us to offer a complete brake service, diagnose any problems, and get you back on the road.

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