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Electrical System Repair

Electrical System Repair in Phoenix, AZ

At Thunderbird Automotive Specialists, we understand the importance of keeping the electrical system in your car in good condition. While you might think the battery merely starts the car and powers the lights, there are wires and electrics in nearly every section of the vehicle. Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Surprise, and Tempe, we welcome existing and walk-in customers alike.

What Happens When Your Car Has Electrical Problems?

As you drive, you might notice a few issues that point to trouble with the electrical system.

Call or visit the shop when you experience any of these problems:
automobile headlight

Continuing to drive with these problems can cause severe damage. Even if your vehicle seems like it’s running well, it could break down at any time. Plus, a small problem that you thought was not all that serious could cause you to fail an emissions inspection. We urge you to visit the shop for a diagnostic and inspection. 

Comprehensive Diagnostic Scans

At Thunderbird Auto, we prefer to use advanced diagnostic computers to check all the error codes in your vehicle. Because sensors are attached to your electrical system, we may uncover several error codes related to your vehicle’s lack of performance. We also inspect the vehicle for frayed wires or other signs of electrical damage. 

Comprehensive Electrical Repair Services

At Thunderbird Auto, we are happy to repair a range of electrical issues in your vehicle, including:

automobile electrical system repair

The ECU in your vehicle serves as the engine management system, and damage or faults can cause the performance of your vehicle to drop dramatically, resulting in poor gas mileage, lack of power, and awkward shifting. Computer updates are regularly available for your car, and we can complete drivability adjustments to ensure a smooth ride.

If you were involved in an accident, the wiring in your vehicle could be damaged. Buffing out the bodywork does not address frayed, severed, or crimped wires. You might have a dim tail light or faulty indicator caused by damaged wiring as opposed to issues with your battery, light bulb, or socket.

All other repairs or replacements are relatively straightforward. We order factory parts for your vehicle, complete the repairs quickly, and help you get back to your daily routine. We offer financing if the repair costs more than you thought, and we even give our customers second opinions if they already got an estimate somewhere else. 

Reliable Automotive Electrical System Repair

Call Thunderbird Auto or contact us online for help with the electrics in your car. We will complete your electrical system repair quickly, help you save money, and offer additional services as needed. 


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