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Heating and AC Repairs

Expert Heating and AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ

The heating and AC system in your vehicle must function if you want to be comfortable on the road. In the Phoenix area, your air conditioning is especially important to you, and our team at Thunderbird Auto is happy to help with any heating and AC repair needs you may have. Serving Surprise, Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale, our expert technicians are ready to get your car back on the road.

Does Heating and AC Affect Performance?

The climate control systems in the car affect your performance. When you run the air, you are pulling energy from the engine, reducing the power available to you. Plus, cars with smaller engines are hit even harder than, for example, SUVs or large trucks. 

When your heating or AC isn’t working properly, it struggles to keep the car comfortable. During the struggle, your car’s gas mileage will plummet, you might hear the engine strain between gears, or you could lose power in low gear.

Troubleshooting Your Heating and AC

At Thunderbird Auto, we see several common issues with heating and AC systems.

If you experience any of these issues, visit the shop for an inspection and diagnostic test:
vehicle heating and air conditioning

How Do You Diagnose Car AC Problems?

Our certified mechanics at Thunderbird Auto complete an external inspection of the vehicle and use advanced diagnostics to uncover error codes. We walk you through all the error codes, explain how to solve the problem, and never use any high-pressure sales tactics — we treat you like family.

Every inspection comes with a free estimate, and you are free to let us know when you’re ready to get started. If you received an expensive estimate somewhere else, we also offer second opinions. 

Affordable Heating and AC Repair

During the repair process, we address any concerns you may have, and our repair technicians are happy to fix anything related to the heating and AC system.

Most often, we work on:
fluid change

We handle your repairs as quickly as possible, and we order parts when needed. Our team will let you know if you should leave the car overnight, or you can wait for your repairs to be completed. We also offer loaners as needed.

Reliable Service from Thunderbird Auto

Thunderbird Auto is your one-stop-shop for heating and AC repairs in the Phoenix area. Continuing to drive your car while the AC is malfunctioning only makes the problem worse, and we hope to solve those problems as soon as possible.

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