Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

When thinking about what your car needs to stay in great condition, oil changes are probably at the top of the list. However, your coolant should also be changed and flushed on a regular basis. Failing to have your coolant flushed can cause your engine to age faster than it should and lead to costly repair bills. How can you tell whether or not you’re due for a coolant flush? What Is Coolant? Coolant is a special mixture of water and alcohol. It’s sometimes referred to as antifreeze, and it helps to absorb the heat that your engine generates when it runs. Coolant runs through a reservoir attached to your radiator, and it constantly circulates into your engine and back into the radiator. Coolant is essential because over 50% of the energy that your engine produces while you drive is converted into heat. The exhaust system gets rid of some of that heat, but a great deal of it stays in your engine block. The coolant will absorb the heat and prevent your engine from overheating. If you chose to go without coolant, your engine could reach temperatures far beyond what it can handle, and you would need to invest serious money in repairing it. Why Should You Maintain Your Coolant System? A well-maintained cooling system will offer you: Freeze protection Improved efficiency Less thermal stress on your radiator and engine Protection against overheating all year long Reduces rust and corrosion in your cooling system Extended lifespan of all rubber and plastic pieces in the coolant system A reduction in electrolysis, which leads to engine component erosion How Often Should Your Coolant Be Changed? You should typically pay attention to what your car manufacturer suggests first. Some cars need a coolant flush every 30,000 miles, but other cars need one […]

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