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Keeping Sand and Dirt Out of Your Car’s Engine

Normally, the design of your vehicle’s engine, multiple filters, and the body keep dirt, dust, and sand out of your engine. Even a dust storm can’t force dirt or sand into most cars. However, sand or dirt in the system can cause your vehicle to fail quickly. Use these tips to keep sand and dust out of your car for good and avoid those horror stories you’ve read online. 

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance for your vehicle goes beyond an oil change and “tune up”. You need to service each part of your vehicle to avoid catastrophes in the future. For example, a coolant service will uncover gaps in the system that might allow sand or dirt to get in. The same is true of an engine, transmission, or even a brake service. 

Contact us at Thunderbird Auto to schedule routine maintenance appointments and ensure your car’s engine and supporting systems are closed.

Replace the Filters

Replacing the filters on your car helps prevent severe damage. The air filter prevents particulate matter from flowing to the engine. The oil filter removes solids from the oil, and the same is true of the fuel filter. You may feel like these filters “aren’t a big deal” because you’ve driven with old filters before.

Sadly, it only takes one bit of sand or dirt passing through a clogged or damaged filter to cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage. Plus, if these filters fail, you might continue driving, causing even more damage until the car finally gives out.

Order Repairs or Services From Thunderbird Auto Today

Call Thunderbird Auto at 602-962-9282 or contact us online for auto repairs and maintenance the moment you notice something isn’t right with your vehicle. Keeping dirt and sand out of your vehicle is essential for maintaining your investment and enjoying your next drive. Let us know when we can help you bring the car back to like-new condition.

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