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Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

Most drivers understand the dangers that lurk with winter, but summertime has plenty of risks too. It’s the busiest driving time of the year, and with more people on the road, you’re looking at additional hazards. Make sure your car is ready to handle everything summer throws at it by doing these maintenance tasks: Check […]

Preparing Your Car for the Extreme Summer Heat

summer automobile maintenance

Living in Phoenix exposes you and your vehicle to extreme heat. The summer season can be especially problematic for drivers because dry air, hot pavement, and overheating vehicles seem to go hand-in-hand. Use these tips to prepare for the extreme summer heat and avoid a preventable breakdown.

4 Tips for Driving Safely in Extreme Heat

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Driving in the hot summer sun can be enjoyable when you let the top down and find just the right road. There are amazing landscapes across Arizona that you should see, but you must understand how to drive safely in this part of the country. At Thunderbird Auto, we have four simple tips that will help you remain safe on hot roads.

Keeping Sand and Dirt Out of Your Car’s Engine

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Normally, the design of your vehicle’s engine, multiple filters, and the body keep dirt, dust, and sand out of your engine. Even a dust storm can’t force dirt or sand into most cars. However, sand or dirt in the system can cause your vehicle to fail quickly. Use these tips to keep sand and dust out of your car for good and avoid those horror stories you’ve read online.